LOORS Lake Elsinore, May 17-19 2013

Team SakTea rolled into Lake Elsinore (get it , Rolled, like a sushi roll) on Thursday morning and quickly set up camp. Thursday night we finished all the racing stuff early and made our way to the Tilted Kilt in Temecula. Cory and the SakTea girls were already there setting up our Canopies, tables, etc. Cory had the best spot in the house. The party was going off. Tons of people drinking, our girls were handing out SakTea samples, and the response was great. Thanks again to the Tilted Kilt and all who attended the party.

Now on to racing. Friday we had our first practice and the truck felt great (still Donkey kicking me in the rhythm section). We went back to the pits and looked at photos of practice. Dustin Dumas (crew chief) made the call to change a few things??? Back out for 2nd practice! Better but still kicking. Kelly Weitzel made a trip over to pick up the speed charts (bam 6th and 5th quickest laps). The crew was happy with that, but I knew that wasn’t going to get it done on race day. Saturday came with a lot of high expectations. During Qualifying I over drove the truck and ended up 8th out of 20 trucks.

Now comes the part where I became Jeff the entertainer. The company that does the distribution of SakTea (Southern Wine and Spirits) showed up with their crew around 2pm. Jason and Cory did a great job of keeping everyone busy (thanks to them). We were the last race of the day. On the first lap of the race I got stuck behind a five vehicle pile-up. Now back to 13th and pissed. Eventually, we made our way back to 7th place. All-in-all, a good day and nothing broken.

Saturday after party started and Cory and Jason got the cooking and party started. Thanks to Chief and Amalia for their help. This put me into a different mode. Normally, I help the guys work on the hot rod…not this time (felt like a little prima donna).

Saturday night the team had a meeting and they all put there 2 cents in…mainly Big Mark. Sunday morning, after the pep talk, it was out to Q for sundays race. We went out just behind the baddest motocrosser ever (MC). We gave him room so we could lay down some fast laps. On the 3rd lap we got a flat tire and qualifying was over for the #95 (Q’d-13th, not good). On to the race or should I say wreck fest. In the 2nd turn, wreck it ralph (Adler) hit MC and then ran into our front right tire. Flat tire and into the pits I go!!!!! The biggest pit crew on the circuit went to work (only after I got Big Mark away from his big T.V. interview)…tire changed and out the door I went. We are now a lap down and were not able to get it back (finished 15th). Not a great finish, but nothing on the truck broken, just my heart…I would like to thank Maxima Performance Auto for there total faith in me and helping Lenco develop the baddest (meaning good) gear reduction in the world. Also, all the tedious hours the crew puts in. They put up with a lot of my crap. Nobody ever complains…they just get work done. Thanks to all our sponsors and we will see you at Glen Helen July 27th and 28th!

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